Candidates approved for oral argumentation: Mestrado e Doutorado – Selecionados para análise Arguição – Selected for Oral argumentation 2024_1

The oral argumentation will take place next week, starting from December 5th (Tuesday). The schedule will be sent to each candidate via email on December 1st, 2023.


The Graduate Program in Agricultural Microbiology at the Federal University of Viçosa (PPGMBA/UFV) makes public the criteria that will regulate the selection process for filling vacancies in the Graduate Program in Agricultural Microbiology for both  MASTER  and DOCTORATE courses in the first semester of 2024 (2024-I).

Up to 7 vacancies will be offered for the Master’s degree (2 vacancies reserved for quotas*), 04 for the Doctorate (1 vacancy reserved for quotas*), to be distributed among the following research lines of the program: 1) Genetics, physiology and ecology of microorganisms; 2) Microbiological processes and products. Doctorate enrollments will be continuous throughout the 2023-2 semester, subject to the availability of scholarships.

*only for Brazilian candidates.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: From 12 pm on September 28, 2023 to 11:30 pm on November 21, 2023


Registration system – GPS:

Documents required for registration:

  1. ANNEX IV – Profile Form and Work Plan for Master’s Degree (available for download on the GPS registration system)
  2. ANNEX V – Profile Form and Work Plan for Doctorate (available for download on the GPS registration system)
  3. ANNEX VI –  Curriculum Vitae Summary (available for download on the GPS registration system)
  4. Proof of Curriculum Vitae Summary (in pdf, single file and sequentially numbered);
  5. Copy of the Master’s degree diploma or completion statement (front and back);
  6. Copy of undergraduate school records, with an explanation of the evaluation system and also of the Master’s school records;
  7. Curriculum Vitae (may be the Lattes Curriculum);
  8. Recent 3 x 4 photo;
  9. Copy of passport;
  10. Birth or marriage certificate;

Note: It is not necessary to submit a recommendation letter.

Registration fee: R$ 116.00 (Brazilian and foreign)

1) payment in the registration system – GPS (only for foreigners who are in Brazil and have a bank account, or for foreigners who know people who are in Brazil and can make the payment):

2) For foreigners who are outside of Brazil, payment will be made in the following way:

Remittance of funds to Brazil (UFV):

To collect funds originating from abroad, a SWIFT payment message must be issued at a foreign bank to Banco do Brasil with the SWIFT code: BRASBRRJBHE (SWIFT identifier code for Banco do Brasil) and the IBAN code: BR4500000000004280003330010C1, in the amount previously informed by the Public Agency benefiting from the collection (UFV).

After issuing the SWIFT message, the sender must notify UFV that the deposit has been made, on what date and for what amount, as well as other information that may identify the remittance, by sending the payment receipt. Contact with the Agency is necessary to provide this information because the SWIFT message will not contain information about the collector, which Public Agency is benefiting or what the collection code is.