PPGMBA-UFV has a sectoral library with 325 books and all the theses and dissertations defended in the program. This library is being expanded to facilitate access by students.

The sector library is located at the PPGMBA secretariat, Ed. Chotaro Shimoya, room 141.


Students also have access to the Central Library of UFV, which is a depository library of the UN – United Nations Organization and also offers access to the Brazilian Coffee Information System – SBICafé (available at www.sbicafé, CAPES Periodicals portal (journal titles), as well as reference databases. It is the base library of COMUT (Bibliographic Commutation Program) which, in 2016, received 230 requests for copies and sent 460 requests, including congress annals, parts of documents, journal articles and theses. Integrates the Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (BDTD) of IBICT / CNPq, having registered, until December 2016, 8,051 titles, approximately 2,390 theses and 5,661 dissertations defended at UFV that can be accessed in full in PDF format over the internet. Participates in national and international information and documentation systems in the agricultural area, as well as in the National Collective Catalog of Journals. And it provides interlibrary loan, which is an important resource in the sharing of collections, through which institutions seek to serve the user through exchange agreements.

Among the services offered, the following stand out: bibliographic switching, bibliographic survey of specific subjects, cataloging at source, standardization of publications, exchange and donation with more than 1,700 registered national and foreign institutions (Dec / 2015), loans for publications and guidance to users.

For more information, see the regulations at:
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